Straight to the Goal

SynSpace is an international consulting company which specializes in optimizing development processes. SynSpace provides consulting support and imparts the basic knowledge and expertise needed for a cross-disciplinary understanding of development.

SynSpace consultants are project managers and experts, professionals with leadership qualities, integrity and a sharp analytical mindset. Our customers benefit from two decades of experience in quality, project and process management. SynSpace ensures that the interfaces in projects and organizations function perfectly.

SynSpace places customer orientation at the core of its business together with the continuity and reliability in the intervention of consultants. Today at SynSpace, over 40 multilingual consultants develop pragmatic and tailored solutions in various industries, with the interplay of processes and technologies being taken into account across the entire value chain.

Strategy consulting

The Synspace strategy consultant assesses together with the company manager the current strategy, supports with analyse and helps by transforming the strategy.

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Process consulting

Every Process is designed by the SynSpace Experts in such a way that it supports the business goals and is of the largest possible use for the organization.

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ICT Consulting

The Synspace ICT consultant supports CIOs with benchamarking, tender, offer and provider evaluation, contract design and IT organisational planning.

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Project Management

Successful projects, however, have one thing in common: the foundations for the success are already laid during the planning stage.

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Quality Management

The SynSpace quality management keeps the organization as a whole in mind and guarantees the quality of the development.

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Efficiency measurement

Synspace has developed a program which allows the management to control the product development on the bases of hard facts and to pilot the Performance Improvement 

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