Agile Methods

Bring development teams into the passing lane in quality and achievement.

High quality and at the same time, quick reaction time.
Customers today do not expect only high quality of SW-products, but also flexible and quite reaction to adjusted demands and boundary conditions. At the same time, quality standards need to continue to be met, without the development time and costs growing in an uncontrolled fashion.

Need-based and appropriate implementation.
SynSpace consultants are not only familiar with current models and standards like CMMI® and SPICE® but also very experienced in the world of agile methods following years of practical experience. Through the need-based combination of both areas, an appropriate solution can be formulated with the organizations involved, and jointly implemented. The bandwidth ranges from the application within a small team, to work with multiple teams, to include teams working worldwide.

Look forward to audits and assessments in a relaxed fashion.
What initially seemed like a contradiction can become a competitive advantage: When development is oriented according to established quality models and implemented with Agile Methods, it functions trouble-free, is able to deliver high quality and can react quickly to changes. The true state of implementation and the deviation from planned progress are transparent at all times, and success in the next audit or assessment is guaranteed.