Process Assessments

Objectively Evaluate Process Maturity and Performance.

Objective assessment compared to established process models.
Assessments are a well-proven method of determining the status quo of process maturity/functionality in an organization. On the basis of these assessments, one can determine measures to improve the process and initiate them in various steps of the process. It is necessary to confirm that the assessment is objective and conducted according to the current state of the art technology in order to gain the greatest benefit from the assessment.

Assessment by experienced assessors.
As a founding member of intacsTM and partner of VDA QMC SynSpace has a number of certified Assessors for SPICE/Automotive SPICE® and actively participates in the development of the international course planning for the training of SPICE® assessors. The assessors have years of experience in the practical execution of processes in software and product development, as well as in the conduction of assessments. The experience covers many branches and organizations of many different sizes, from small development teams up to development organizations active throughout the world. The SynSpace assessors are able to objectively assess the organizations independent of the development methods (for example with the help of agile methods).

Detailed insight into the actual development process.
An objective assessment of the process is the basis for the sensible planning and execution of necessary improvements aligned with the business goals. In this way unnecessary measures can be avoided and costs avoided.