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Fabiola Pöhlemann


Alexander Hemzal


Andreas Schleusener

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)


Chief Operating Officer (COO)
branch Manager 
(branch Basel)


Director Sales & Marketing 

Fabiola Pöhlemann's CV

Fabiola Pöhlemann was first involved with SynSpace in 1989 as an assistant of the business leadership of the IT and the software firm 2i Industrial Informatics, at that time a subsidiary of SynSpace AG. This followed five years of previous experience in health-related fields. In 1993, the consulting part of 2i was outsourced to an independent organization, 2i Consult. Ms. Pöhleman was centrally involved in building up the company and was in charge of sales and marketing for it. On the basis of her experience as well as her yearlong association with SynSpace, in 1994 she took on the challenge of building up SynSpace Germany. Since 2000, Ms. Pöhlemann is active in the management of SynSpace GmbH. Beside of the strategical and economical leadership, Mrs. Pöhlemann is acting as head of finance, administration and partnerships.

Alexander Hemzal's CV

Alexander Hemzal has a degree in business administration with a focus on information technology, a degree in economic geography with a focus on strategic business planning and is a certified project manager.

Mr. Hemzal has many years of experience in management and consulting. Mr. Hemzal worked as Operations Director for Germany / Switzerland at International Data Corporation (IDC), as director consultant at META Group Switzerland AG and as associate director at Gartner, Inc.

Prior to joining SynSpace Mr. Hemzal worked as Director advisor at Experton Group AG. In addition to his responsibility for the business unit IT user companies, Mr. Hemzal headed the Experton‘s branch in Switzerland. In parallel with his leadership roles, Mr. Hemzal was a consultant for mid-sized and large companies, particularly in the areas of strategy consulting, sourcing, business/IT process design, performance measurement, IT architecture and project management.
Since 01.07.2013, Mr. Hemzal is working as managing director, Operations, at SynSpace group and is especially responsible for the development of the product portfolio of SynSpace.

Mr. Hemzal was born in 1964 in Germany.

Andreas Schleusener's CV

Mr. Schleusener holds a degree as master of business administration awarded by the University of Applied Sciences, Mainz as well as a degree as marketing and communication economist awarded by the Academy for Marketing Communication in Frankfurt/Main.

Mr. Schleusener is an experienced sales and consulting expert. His expertise is in the solution-oriented consulting for CEO´s  in the area of process and ICT management. Within the SynSpace Group Mr. Schleusener takes responsability in sales and maketing. He works in working groups and develops together with Mrs. Pöhlemann the strategical partnerships.

Mr. Schleusener began his professional career at the International Data Corporation (IDC) in marketing. He changed after 4 years to META Group, an IT consulting firm in sales. Then Mr. Schleusener took over the management of Giga Information Group and established the US Company successfully in Germany and Europe.Commitments followed as CEO by Swets Information Services GmbH, as Senior Vice President by Experton Group AG and as Sales Director by ias Prevent GmbH. .