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Specialists for Quality Management, Project Management and Process Management.

SynSpace is an internationally active consulting company which specializes in the optimization of the development process of software of certain systems. SynSpace orients itself, in the process, to models which pertain to the degree of maturity of the software, as well as standards including ISO 15504 (SPICE), Automotive SPICE, CMMI, safety-oriented models like IEC 61508, ISO 26262 or EN512x, and Agile methods and processes, for example Scrum.

SynSpace - a network of leaders and experts.

SynSpace employs team members with leadership qualities, integrity and sharp analytical understanding. SynSpace consultants are characterized by dedication, trust, and respect, and enjoy working as members of a diverse team. SynSpace currently employs more than 40 experienced consultants from 10 countries, predominantly academics with an interdisciplinary, economic IT-related or technical/natural science background. The training in IPMA, SPICE or CMMI, Scrum, Requirements and Test management belong to the standard qualifications of each SynSpace Consultant.

Knowledge creates Advantage.

The clients of SynSpace profit from two decades of experience in quality, project and process management. SynSpace provides the fundamentals and the expert knowledge necessary for an interdisciplinary understanding of software and systems development. SynSpace ensures that all of the interfaces in projects and organizations function perfectly.