Efficiency Measurement

You can‘t manage what you don’t measure.

Most development projects are followed even today always with only three key indicators:
Time frames, budget and the number of critical defects before the software delivery. This very limited perspective on problem datas frequently complicated leads undeniably expected product quality and delivery delay to bad results. The profit is thereby curtailed directly or even becomes noticeable painful losses.

Best-Practice to measurement.

SynSpace has developed a programme which allows to the management to control the product development on the basis of hard facts and to steer: the "Performance Improvement" Program π. The integral approach is split in three phases which allow to identify strengths and to eliminate, besides, weaknesses gradually.

  1. Phase: Design."Key Performance" indicators (KPIs) become tailor-made at the specific challenges and the purposes of the organisation.
  2. Phase: Benchmarking.The efficiency of the organisation is measured. The measured values are compared to authoritative values of competitors or earlier taken up measuring values.
  3. Phase: Optimisation. The measured values of the indicators are interpreted and measures optimisation is implemented at the same time.

Effective improvment.

Transparency is created by efficient improvement and delivers the tools necessary to allow management to control and drive software development and R [&] D. The products quality increases efficiently, deliveries are on-time - the profit is safe.