Project management – A process which is critical to success.

Successful project management only functions when a majority of competences are centrally connected with each other. Almost every project is unique and requires differently weighted competences. Successful projects, however, have one thing in common: the foundations for the success are already laid during the planning stage.

Lead projects to success. 
We live in a society in which the successful execution of projects is vital on all levels. The factors which contribute to success are always the same, independent of the specific nature of the project, and its contents and goals. Methods, tools, organization and most importantly, a competent, dedicated and respected person as the role model and leader of the implementation are needed.

The human success factor.
In the mandatory program of project management one must consistently implement models, tools and templates. SynSpace implements the IPMA method as well as Project Management practices. The PMI and Prince 2 environments are also familiar. The benefit of the course is assured by SynSpace through the personalities of the project leaders and coaches who, with integrity, empathy, intercultural sensitivity, and communication skills supervise the projects and lead them to a generally recognized success.

High Success Rate. 
Not every project can be successfully concluded with a recognized benefit. With SynSpace as a partner, however, the majority of the initiatives can be successfully conducted. This is guaranteed by respect, trust and also the availability of resources. Decisive projects can be taken on, difficulties can be identified early, and best solutions can be proposed.

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