Continuous monitoring and improvement of code quality thanks to Static Analysis

Because your products are only as good as the code they are made of ...

Even a single weak point in the code of your product can cause the project to fail or even make the product completely unusable for its intended use.  Continuous monitoring of the quality of your products' code is therefore an important part of analytical quality assurance.

SynSpace has developed the first Pocket Guide in German

The Pocket Guide contains a German translation, produced by SynSpace, of the contents of Automotive SPICE® V3.1, Mechanical Engineering SPICE® V1.6, Hardware Engineering PRM/PAM (HWE) V1.0 and the rating consistency according to the Automotive SPICE® Guidelines extended by HWE, MSE and MCE aspects.

Efficient Assessments in the Automotive Industry Thanks to SPiCE 1-2-1

SPICE 1-2-1 for Automotive is an assessment tool for the automotive industry and its suppliers wanting to determine their capability level according to Automotive SPiCE. SPICE 1-2-1 for Automotive is also suitable for IT sourcing to assess supplier processes
The tool is available in two editions: