Continuous monitoring and improvement of code quality thanks to Static Analysis

Because your products are only as good as the code they are made of ...

Even a single weak point in the code of your product can cause the project to fail or even make the product completely unusable for its intended use.  Continuous monitoring of the quality of your products' code is therefore an important part of analytical quality assurance.

Static analysis is a static testing technique in which work products (in this case the source code of your products) are automatically read and analysed by tools.  Static testing, and in particular static analysis, is much more cost-effective than dynamic testing (running software, e.g. by means of test cases) and should always be used in addition to and before dynamic testing.
TICS is a framework of different tools for the static analysis of source code developed by the company TIOBE The individual analysis results are stored and aggregated centrally. The basis for the measurement and evaluation is the ISO/IEC standard 25010 "System and software quality models":

Mapping of metrics to the ISO 25010 standard


The measured quality data is presented at different levels of aggregation and abstraction.  For instance:

  • Company or department-wide aggregation of quality data and key performance indicators (KPIs):

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    This report is designed to meet the needs of senior management levels.

  • Project-specific presentation of quality data:

    Project-specific presentation of quality data

    This report is geared towards the needs of middle management.

  • Detailed display of all quality data, partly directly integrated in the development environment:

    Detailed presentation of all quality data

    This report is geared towards the needs of developers.

TICS key figures:

  • TICS checks more than 1.056 billion lines of source code in over 3'622 industrial projects every day.
  • TICS supports 20 different programming languages.  Multiple programming languages can be checked in each project.
  • TICS works on all common platforms.  These can be combined with each other in any way.
  • TICS knows no limitations with regard to workplaces or company locations.

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