As a basis for the process ranking and improvement the automotive manufacturers demand from their suppliers the use of Automotive SPICE® as an ISO/IEC 15504/330xx compliant assessment model which is aligned to the needs of the automotive industry. This training covers the process assessment model and the process reference model of Automotive SPICE®.

The training conveys the necessary skills for taking over the tasks of a Competent Assessor in an assessment according to Automotive SPICE®. The training builds on the material of the Provision Assessor training in addition to the practical experience of participation in assessments as a co-assessor. One of the main aspects of the training is thus an exchange of experience among the participants and gaining a deeper knowledge of the application of Automotive SPICE® against the background of this experience.


The content follows the curriculum published by intacs™

  • Introduction
  • Process and capability dimension: Intensification, typical pitfalls, common approach based on the requirements of Automotive SPICE®
  • Assessment planning: gathering of assessment inputs, creation of an assessment plan
  • Document reviews
  • Leading an assessment team
  • Control of critical situations
  • Interview techniques
  • Reporting
  • Performance of assessments at distributed sites and in different countries
  • Coaching of Provisional Assessors

The training is primarily made up of exercises (75%), discussions and an exchange of experience made by participants against the background of experience gained in the application of Automotive SPICE®.

The course concludes with an independent examination conducted by the Certification Body of the VDA QMC.


Participants will be provided with a set of training material including a folder with hard copies of slides.


The seminar is offered in the following languages:

  • Course language English with course material in English
  • Course language German with course material in English

Target Audience

Registered Provisional assessors who have gained experience in assessments and who wish to assume responsibility for conducting assessments according to Automotive SPICE®.

Course Prerequisite

In order to pass the training as Competent Assessor (Automotive SPICE®) three conditions need to be fulfilled:

  • Prior to the start of the training you will receive a task that you have to solve prior to the start of the training and present its solution during the training.
  • You actively participate at the practical parts of the training. This commitment will be evaluated by the trainer.
  • You successfully pass the independently approved written multiple choice exam at the end of the training. Please bear in mind that we recommend an independent pre- and post-processing on each seminar day for a successful participation of the exam.

The participants should have assessment experience.

The number of participants is limited to 10 persons according to the intacs™ regulations.

The course participation and the exam participation are preconditions for the registration as intacs™ certified Competent Assessor (Automotive SPICE®) by the VDA QMC. However registration as certified Competent Assessor is not automatic, and is conditioned by the candidate applying directly to VDA QMC for certification according to the procedure defined below.

Requirements for the certification and registration:

  • At least 4 years of work experience in an IT area (e.g. software/system development, project management, quality assurance or similar).
  • Registration as intacs™ Provisional Assessor (ISO/IEC 15504).
  • Evidence of 250 assessment hours during the last 5 years in at least 5 assessments each in at least 3 process areas. Thereof at least 4 based on Automotive SPICE® (so called Experience Evidence EE).
  • At least one positive review by a certified Competent or Principal Assessor for the lead of an assessment.
  • Successful participation of the training intacs™ certified ISO/IEC 15504 Competent Assessor (Automotive SPICE®) including passed exam.

The requirements can directly be downloaded in the current valid version at Please see to this the documents for the procedure of the assessor certification and for the concept of experience evidence (EE).


At the end of the training each attendee will receive a confirmation of participation in this course. After his passed examination each attendee receives a certificate confirming this and can apply to be registered as certified Competent Assessor for a fee at the VDA QMC.


The participation fee for the training is 2'900,00 € plus VAT.

In case of a participation at the exam an additional examination fee of 550,00 € will be invoiced on behalf of the VDA QMC. The officially published fees apply: see


In addition to the the training material the training fee includes:

  • Welcome drink, snacks during the breaks, and
  • Lunch meals.


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