ISO/IEC 15504, and its successor ISO/IEC 330xx (SPICE: Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination) are the worldwide accepted standards for the rating of the process capability and for process improvement. In the automotive industry Automotive SPICE® in conjunction with the ISO/IEC 15504/330xx series of standards is used for the rating and qualification of control unit and software suppliers.

This training provides a thorough understanding of ISO/IEC 15504/330xx and the process assessment model of Automotive SPICE®. It shows the differences and the connections between ISO/IEC 15504/330xx and Automotive SPICE®. The participants get to know the process rating according to ISO/IEC 15504/330xx and get a deeper understanding of the processes in Automotive SPICE®.

This training prepares you for passing the exam in the course intacs™ certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE®).


The content follows the curriculum published by intacs™:

  • Introduction and motivation for software process improvement
  • Introduction to ISO/IEC 15504/330xx and Automotive SPICE®
  • Process dimension of an assessment model
  • Capability dimension of an assessment model
  • Introduction to document reviews
  • Rating of the indicators and process attributes
  • Introduction to interview and note-taking techniques
  • Overview of the assessment process
  • Exercises for a deeper understanding of the Automotive SPICE® PAM
  • Exercises for the deeper understanding and the rating of the process attributes up to capability level 3

The training concludes with an independent examination conducted by the Certification Body of the VDA QMC.


Participants will be provided with a set of training material including a folder with hard copies of slides as well as an electronic version of the training material.


The seminar is offered in the following languages:

  • Course language English with course material in English
  • Course language German with course material in English

Target Audience

Quality managers, project managers, department heads and employees in process groups as well as those who intend to take responsibility for carrying out assessments according to ISO/IEC 15504/330xx in future.

Course Prerequisite

Recommended are several years of work experience in an IT areas, e.g. software/system development, project management or quality assurance.

In order to qualify for certification as Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE®) it is necessary to actively participate during the course and to pass the independent multiple-choice exam at the end of the course. In addition, individual preparation and revision of the course material on each day is recommended.

The course participation and the exam participation are preconditions for registration as intacs™ certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE®) by the VDA QMC. However registration as certified Provisional Assessor is not automatic, and is conditioned by the candidate applying directly to VDA QMC for certification according to the procedure defined below.

Requirements for the certification and registration

The requirements can directly be downloaded in the current valid version at


At the end of the training each attendee will receive a confirmation of participation in this course. After his passed examination each attendee receives a certificate confirming this and can apply to be registered as certified Provisional Assessor for a fee at the VDA QMC.


The participation fee for the training is 2'950,00 € plus VAT.

In case of a participation at the exam an additional examination fee of 450,00 € will be invoiced on behalf of the VDA QMC. The officially published fees apply: see

If you are not interested in taking the exam, please specify when registering.


In addition to the the training material the training fee includes:

  • Welcome drink, snacks during the breaks, and
  • Lunch meals.


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