Functional Safety

Trust in safe systems: identify and avoid Risks.

Identify Risks.
The safety of machines, facilities and systems is becoming more and more dependent on the risk-free function of electronic control. The basic challenge of functional safety consists of developing and implementing complex, programmable systems so that no system errors or failures lead to damage, particularly to persons and the surroundings of the systems.

Avoid Risks.
SynSpace is experienced with the use of the Norms IEC 61508, ISO 26262 or EN 5012x to avoid systematic errors as well as the associated recommendations for development processes, products and organizations. SynSpace will advise and support you in the incorporation of functional safety in the entire product life cycle and in so doing will help you in the construction of proven safe systems. In addition to the safety-related norms, and if adequate and requested by the customer, the process can also be developed in compliance to other norms (like SPICE or Automotive SPICE) as well as methods (like Scrum) or models (like CMMI). In this way the safety level can be maintained or improved in the future as well through the structured approach to development.

Put as little into the development of safety as possible, but as much as necessary. You will see, that an established, structured development routine, once established, is a rewarding and valid investment in the future. The amount of time you can save by using our strategies will particularly surprise you.

SynSpace supports its clients in the

  • Further development of their existing processes
  • Integration of safety norms in the existing process landscape
  • Assessment of their products and components in terms of safety relevant criteria
  • Planning of measures and support by the execution
  • Formulation of FMEA, FMEDAs, Hazard Analysis & Risk Assesssments, Safety Plan
  • Qualification and certification


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Funktionale Sicherheit