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HM&S IT-Consulting GmbH

HMS&S-Consulting GmbH was founded as a research and development platform in the area of Software engineering, specialized in the area of analysis and assessment of Software development processes. TU-Graz and Synspace were the inspiration of the founding of the company. The TU-Graz, particularly the institute for Software Technology, contributed to the ESPRIT project 5441 (“Bootstrap”) which represents the European variation of the Capability Maturity model (CMM). The practical expertise from the implementation of Bootstrap assessments were also incorporated later in the development of the ISO 15504 (SPICE®).

Together with Synspace, HM&S has developed Spice–Lite and Spice 1-2-1 and by so doing created the basis for an efficient execution of assessments. The knowhow of HM&S results from the combination of cooperation with universities, international networks, extensive experience in advising, as well as the implementation and application within its own organization. HM&S and Synspace have worked together successfully since 2002 in the area of process design, predominantly in the automotive industry.