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Neusoft Technology Solutions GmbH

Neusoft Technology Solutions GmbH currently provides services primarily for the automotive industry in the field of embedded software development, software design and software architecture for in-car infotainment systems. Focus here is on the navigation application, the systems and corresponding software are used worldwide. NTS, previously innovative systems GmbH, from 2000 to 2010 belonged to the Harman Becker Automotive Systems Group and is a world leading manufacturer of navigation systems. NTS GmbH was established on 1st of June 2010 as a subsidiary of Neusoft Corporation and employs over 200 people in Hamburg. Neusoft Corporation, with over 20,000 employees one of the largest software engineering services provider in China, cooperates with international companies such as SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Sun, Cisco, BEA, etc.. As the operational center for Neusoft Corporation, NTS provides high technology experience in the automotive and navigation area to international companies.

In the future, Neusoft Corporation is aiming at positioning itself more and more as a software supplier for automotive software in the world market. To achieve this goal, Neusoft Automotive was launched, an intercompany federation of all Automotive Divisions at Neusoft, which includes Neusoft Technology Solutions GmbH.

Neusoft and SynSpace cooperate for the accomplishment of SPICE seminars and assessments to meet high quality standards by combining the expertise.