Meet SynSpace's experts @ IEEE ICGSE 2013 in Bari.

It is difficult to develop high-tech products at high quality so that most development projects are effectively only managed by three factors: scheduled deadline, overall budget and removal of critical defects towards the end of the project [1]. Product development in globally distributed organizations is even more difficult because processes, methods and standards are usually not globally established. Developing best in class products throughout the company requires thus a strategic training initiative at company level [2,3], which can be very successful [3,4] and useful for global deployment of software engineering tools [5].

For the implementation of such an initiative we identified a small set of business relevant best-practice Key Performance Indicators (KPI) [1] for evaluating the improvement potentials at different sites (self-scrutiny). The results of this approach allowed us to define the strategic training needs at organizational level. We present the approach as well as the operation of a web-based training platform which makes it possible to provide the service worldwide and consistently from a single source.



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