Competent Assessor (Automotive SPICE) Training

This training provides the necessary knowledge to take on the tasks of a Competent Assessor in an assessment according to Automotive SPICE®.

It builds on the experience of Provisional Assessor training and assessment experience in practice. A central content of the training is therefore also the exchange of experiences of the participants and the deepening of the application of Automotive SPICE® against the background of these experiences.

The content complies with the curriculum published by intacs ™:


  • Process and maturity dimension: deepening, typical pitfalls, common procedures based on the requirements of Automotive SPICE®
  • Assessment Planning: Gather Assessment Input, Create Assessment Plan
  • Review of documents
  • Leading Assessment Teams
  • Dealing with extreme situations
  • Interview Techniques
  • Reporting
  • Carrying out assessments at distributed locations and in different countries
  • Coaching of Provisional Assessors

The training consists to a large extent (75.7%) of exercises, discussions and the exchange of experiences of the participants against the background of the experiences with the application of Automotive SPICE®. At the end of the training an independent examination is carried out by the Certification Body VDA QMC.

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