Process Management Automotive

Product development using cutting edge science and technology.

Efficiency and safety – challenges of the automobile industry.
The life cycle of models is growing shorter and shorter, there is an increase in the number of variations available, and the expectations of the customer in terms of comfort, safety and infotainment are increasing: all these factors force the automobile industry to change its development process. The main tasks of the OEMs have become concentrated upon the role of brands and directing the interaction of the supply firms. The producers of mechanical systems are developing themselves into combined hard- and software manufacturers to full growing customer expectations.

Know-how and an integrated approach.
SynSpace supports production firms and subcontractors with more than ten years of consulting experience in the automobile industry. It applies the appropriate methods, norms and models in the definition, harmonization and optimization of processes. This experience is used by our consultants to support you in the analysis of present state of your company, the operational application of the measures identified as necessary, and incorporation of the process environment. They use the experience to advise and assist you during the course of the entire project.

Master cooperation in a network.
Many objectives, for example project management or requirements management, are non-trivial. Particularly in interaction with project partners, it often is necessary to control the entire production process. SynSpace helps you to mesh the correct tasks within your company, as well as within your network, because only optimally coordinated, well supported processes lead to a sustainable improvement in the quality of your products, and the efficience and satisfaction of employees and customers.

Prozessmanagement Automotive