Requirements Management

Highest Quality and perfect planning with Synspace

20% of development projects fail, and 50% exceed budgeted resources.
The requirements and goals often develop in an uncontrolled fashion and remain unclearly defined. Many errors in the end product can be traced back to the planning phase of the project. Weak points in Requirements Management often cause massive delays, extra costs, or even lead to the failure of a project.

Identify, analyse, document, test, fine tune, revise and release.
SynSpace defines, plans and oversees requirements according to a systematic and standardized Requirement-Management Process. This process is always tailored to the specific environment and needs of the customer. Efficient Requirements-Management reduces errors in the end product, because these have already (cost effectively) been eliminated in the planning phase.

Efficiency increased: weaknesses eliminated early on.
The standardized process of SynSpace ensures the information flow and consistence of changes under various specifications. The development process is optimized in a sustained fashion. Development time is shortened, and the cost of errors is reduced. Budget and timeline for project completion can be met.

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