Scrum Adoption Check

Analysis of the implementation of Scrum.

Determination of degree of implementation.
Many companies are already using Scrum as an agile methodology. However, the originally expected benefits are often not achieved. It is therefore necessary to find out how far the Scrum teams are with the introduction to Scrum and how efficiently Scrum is used in companies. Have you already taken benefit from all advantages that Scrum can offer your company? Are there any measures that can be taken to reap even greater benefit from Scrum? These questions are the basis of our Scrum adoption check.

Analysis by agile experts.
The reasons for the lack of success in the use of Scrum are, from the internal point of view, often difficult to find out. Our experts perform an analysis on your premises. As part of our Scrum adoption check, we conduct interviews with your staff and analyze your Scrum implementation. Your Scrum roles, artifacts and events are checked in detail. This objective assessment provides transparency and identifies the strengths and weaknesses involved in the use of Scrum. On this basis, agile experts propose corresponding improvement measures.

The example shows the summary of a Scrum adoption check being carried out. In this case, 6 out of 13 analyzed areas were fully implemented, 5 had only minor weaknesses and 2 had significant deficiencies.

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