Test Management

Tested by Synspace, already half done.

Testing is an integral part of development.
It is well known that the testing of software and systems must be an integral component of the complete development process. Integral tests are methodically challenging and need to planned in advance. In practice, products are often first tested in the end phase of the development process. This approach often leads to delays in delivery because the expected product quality cannot be guaranteed. The development costs increase, and the profit is directly reduced.

With interim management to building know-how.
Under the interim management of SynSpace a high reliability can be achieved in the process before responsibility for continuing the cleanly implemented test-management process is assumed by the customer. SynSpace defines a test concept and implements this together with the customer. The SynSpace test management orients itself according to the strategic goals of the company and makes possible the maximum freedom of action in the context of regulatory requirements and norms.

The consistent course to success.
The construction and development of a test-management organization requires experience in the field and sensitivity to the needs of all participants. SynSpace is able to connect the most important processes and organizational models in a consistently structured process.

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