Automotive SPICE® - Management Processes

The course offers a description of the Automotive SPICE® model from the point of a project leader or a member of the project team. The Automotive SPICE® management and acquisition processes (project management, risk management, process improvement, reuse and supplier management) are being discussed in particular. The mentioned processes will be introduced by means of practical examples. It will be discussed which problems can occur during assessments and how an according process improvement can look like.


  • Prozess-Assessment-Modell (PAM)
  • Basic procedure at an assessment
  • Reasonable preparation for an assessment
  • Intensification of the Automotive SPICE® processes
    • MAN.3 Project management
    • MAN.5 Risk management
    • MAN.6 Measurement
    • REU.2 Reuse program management
    • PIM.3 Process Improvement
    • ACQ.3 Contract agreement
    • ACQ.4 Supplier monitoring
    • ACQ.11 Technical Requirements
    • ACQ.12 Legal and administrative requirements
    • ACQ.13 Project requirements
    • ACQ.14 Request for proposals
    • ACQ.15 Supplier qualification
  • Interpretation of the levels 1-3 and prospect for level 4
  • Potential for improvement in terms of listed processes

The training consists of lectures, exercises and discussions and offers plenty of chances for questions and exchange of experiences.


Participants will be provided with a set of training material including a folder with hard copies of slides. The course material is always provided in English language independently from the speaking language.

Target Audience

Developers, test engineers, project managers and others involved in development projects in an automotive environment.


None. The number of participants is limited to 12.


Each attendee will receive a confirmation of participation in this training.

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