Introduction to CMMI®

This training is the official training of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) "Introduction to the Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development, Version 1.3" and lays out the basic concepts of CMMI®. The training meets the basic requirements of an official SEI Introductory CMMI course.

CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV) is the reference model that enables organizations to improve their ability to develop and maintain quality products and services. The CMMI-DEV model is an integration of standard procedures by proven subject-specific process improvement models, including CMM ® for Software, EIA 731 and Integrated Product Development CMM.

The training’s participants will be able to describe the structure of the CMMI-DEV models and their relationships, to discuss the process areas in the CMMI-DEV models and to locate relevant information in the model.


  • Introduction
  • Model-based process improvement
  • Overview of CMMI®structure
  • Institutionalization
  • Process areas of CMMI-DEV Models
  • Structure of continuous and staged representation
  • Next steps

This training consists of lectures and group exercises and provides ample opportunity for questions and discussions.


At the beginning of the course, the participants receive a folder containing the paper documents used in the course of training.

Additionally, the participants get the CMMI ® book "Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement".

Target Audience

Product developers, process implementers, system and software engineers, managers, practitioners and appraisal participants and process group (e.g., SEPG, EPG) members. Anyone interested in learning about CMMI.


  • No previous knowledge is required for CMMI or assessments. However, having practical experience in software or system development, process or quality management is an advantage.
  • Prerequisite for the successful completion of this training is the participant’s presence and active participation in discussions and exercises on a daily basis.
  • It is necessary to learn the training course materials on the first and second evening of training.
  • A minimum participation of 8 people is needed to start the training.


After completion of the training, each participant will receive a certificate which is recognized by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and its partners.

After completing the training, you can register in the SAS (SEI Appraiser System). This is a database storing information on your completed SEI training. Registration in the SAS is a prerequisite for the participation in a SCAMPI appraisal.


The participation fee for the training is 1.300,00 EUR plus VAT.


  • The training fee includes the training material and lunch during the training.
  • Participants receive the book "CMMI® Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement“.

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