Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF)

Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF) is a rigorous two-day training offered to solidify the core principles of Scrum for individuals or teams. This practical classroom experience equips attendees to get started with Scrum, to sustain successful habits, and to avoid common Scrum pitfalls. Students learn the basics of Scrum and how to implement Scrum effectively and keep their team practicing healthy behaviors.


Day 1:
The objective of the first day of PSF training is to teach the fundamentals required for understanding Scrum. To this end, the roles, artifacts and meetings of the framework are explained with an emphasis on practical application. The course will also illustrate the significance of self-organization through the history of Scrum.


  • Introduction to Scrum
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Artifacts
  • Events & time boxes
  • Origins of Scrum
  • Measurements
  • Self-organization

Day 2:
The focus of the second day is on qualifying the participants to use the techniques required for applying Scrum, such as for example estimation methods and the definition of non-functional requirements. Participants will also get numerous practical tips for implementing Scrum in a company.


  • Planning
  • Estimation
  • Definition of Done
  • Product backlog
  • Getting started
  • Keeping Scrum healthy
  • ScrumBut


At the beginnung participants will be provided with a folder with hard copies of slides. The course material is always provided in English language independently from the speaking language.

Target Audience

The Professional Scrum Foundations training is appropriate for anyone working on or with a Scrum Team. The training is especially well suited to companies or teams investigating Scrum, those who are currently struggling with Scrum, or those beginning to utilize Scrum in their development environment. PSF is most effective as a training event for a dedicated team.


The examination can be taken online subsequent to the training.

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