Professional Scrum Master (PSM)

Professional Scrum Master (PSM) is a rigorous two-day training offered to deepen the understanding of the principles behind Scrum and to learn, why Scrum works. This requires the participants to already have a understanding about how Scrum works. The training focuses on advanced topics like team forming and scaling. Many practical exercises and case scenarios complete the program. Of course, questions of the participants are answered and real-life problems are discussed. A must for every Scrum Master.


Day 1:
The objective of day 1 is to refresh and expand upon the fundamentals taught in the PSF training. Equipped with this knowledge the participants will then learn the basic skills required for successful team building before turning their attention to the significance of “Done”.


  • Fundamentals
  • Scrum theory
  • Teams
  • Emergent architecture
  • “Done” and “Undone”

Day 2:
The focus of the second day is on company-relevant issues in Scrum implementation. The course will examine the problems surrounding total cost of ownership in the context of Scrum on one hand and addresses the changes the use of Scrum effects in a company on the other.


  • Planning & reporting
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Change
  • Scaling Scrum
  • The Scrum Master


At the beginning participants will be provided with a folder with hard copies of slides. The course material is always provided in English language independentley from the speaking language.

Target Audience

The Professional Scrum Master training is recommended to all experienced Scrum practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge about Scrum or who want to develop into excellent Scrum Masters. Well functioning Scrum-Teams, which are looking for help with advanced topics like scaling, distributed/dispersed teams, implementation of a ROI framework etc., will also get considerable benefit from this training.


The official Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) examination and the professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) examination can be taken online subsequent to the training.

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